About us

The Costa Mesa Communications and Marketing Division is committed to becoming the public’s main source of city information through credibility, innovation, and collaboration. Communications and Marketing Group

Communications and Marketing informs, educates and engages the Costa Mesa community through timely and accurate information, and is comprised of the following six sections:

  • public information and education
  • print and social media
  • video production
  • mail, printing and graphic design services
  • website development and maintenance
  • special events

The two main goals of the Costa Mesa Communications and Marketing Division are to promote information and events through a clear and unified voice; and to ensure the public’s business is being handled in a transparent matter.


Questions about Communications and Marketing? Contact us.

Tony Dodero

Public Information Officer

Dane Bora

Public Affairs Manager

Dan Baker

Assistant to the CEO

Email: tony.dodero@costamesaca.gov

Phone: (714) 754-5288

Email: dane.bora@costamesaca.gov

Phone: (714) 754-5098

Email: dan.baker@costamesaca.gov

Phone: (714) 754-5156