Mosquito with West Nile virus discovered in section of Fairview Park


A mosquito infected with West Nile virus has been found in Fairview Park, according to an announcement last week by the Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District.

The mosquito with West Nile virus was discovered in a Vector Control mosquito trap in a drainage ditch at the south end of Fairview park, officials confirmed. The area has already been treated for mosquitos and inspectors will be closely monitoring the area for any additional findings.

Mayor Pro Tem Sandra Genis, who is also a Vector Control District trustee, said residents can take simple precautions to avoid mosquito interaction.

“Remember even the smallest amounts of standing water can allow mosquitoes to breed,” she said. “So please, check your yards and property for any sign of standing water and dump it or drain it.”

According to Vector Control, West Nile virus is a mosquito-borne disease that was originally found in Africa. In 1999, it was detected in the eastern United States; since then the virus has spread throughout the United States and is well established in most states, including California.

Most often, West Nile virus is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. Click here to learn more about the virus.

The best way to avoid West Nile virus is to avoid being bitten by a mosquito. Vector Control recommends taking these precautions:

  • Eliminate any standing water around your house.
  • Make sure all window and door screens on your house are in good repair.
  • Wear a repellent containing DEET®, Picaridin, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, or IR 3535.
  • Contact the Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District to report dead birds or neglected pools.

Click here to watch a video about eliminating opportunities for mosquitos to breed.